Poe Mill

In January 1896, F.W. Poe, a long time Greenville merchant, established a textile mill. Beginning with a sizable 432,000 square foot brick mill, the company's 400 employees worked both day and night shifts. In 1897, the mill added 300 employees as well as 5,000 additional spindles only to expand again in 1900. By 1911, the company's capital was at one million dollars. When Poe died in 1926, his brother, Nelson, took his position and in 1947 the mill, along with 238 village houses, was sold to a St. Louis mercantile firm. The mill was then sold to Burlington Industries in 1955, and in May 1977, the mill closed its doors. At that time the mill employed seven hundred people and had an annual payroll of seven million dollars.

Directions: Depart from the Greenville County Library Drive. Turn right onto Buncombe St. At the fork of Rutherford St. and Buncombe St., take the left fork and continue on Buncombe St. Proceed to the railroad underpass and the mill will be on the right just before the underpass.

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