Secession Era Editorials Project

The Dred Scott Case (1857)

Albany (N.Y.) Evening Journal, (Mar. 7):
"It is no novelty to find the Supreme Court following the lead of the Slavery Extension party."
Albany (N.Y.) Evening Journal, (Mar. 9):
"The Legislation of the Republic is in the hands of this handfull of Slaveholders."
Richmond (Va.), Enquirer, (Mar. 10):
"...reason and right, justice and truth, always triumph"
New York Tribune, (Mar. 10):
"a mere collation of false statements and shallow sophistries..."
National Era, (Mar. 12):
"They sanction a policy which is a gross violation..."
Springfield, Illinois State Register, (Mar. 12):
" the black republicans have wasted more breath, ink and time on the Missouri compromise"
Richmond (Va.), Enquirer, (Mar. 13):
"Abolitionism must now unmask, and wage its warfare openly."
Pittsburgh, (Pa.) Gazette, (Mar. 14):
"It will awaken the friends of freedom to renewed efforts."
Natchez, (Miss.), Courier, (Mar. 14):
"This is a seeming blow at the doctrine of squatter sovereignty."
Nashville Union and American, (Mar. 15):
"The recent decision...fully and completely vindicates and sustains the Democratic Party."
Louisville, (Ky.), Journal, (Mar. 16):
"...its immediate effect upon two of the great political parties of the country."
Charleston Mercury, (Mar. 17):
"We, secessionists...have been simply a step in advance of the highest tribunal
Richmond (Va.), Enquirer, (Mar. 17):
"as long as our rights are denied, the temple of Janus can never be closed."
Greenville (S.C.) Southern Enterprise, (Mar. 26) (excerpting the South Side Democrat)
"Niggers are not Citizens."
Milledgeville (Ga.) Federal Union, (Mar. 31)
"The leaders of the Black Republican Party are denouncing the decision of the very Tribunal to which they had appealed..."