Secession Era Editorials Project

John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry (Oct.-Dec. 1859)

Charleston Mercury, (Oct. 18):
"...a serious outbreak"
Albany (N.Y.) Evening Journal, (Oct. 18):
"...startling accounts of an 'insurrection' at Harper's Ferry"
Richmond, (Va.), Whig, (Oct. 18):
"We believe the be greatly exaggerated"
Charleston Mercury (Oct. 19):
"a concerted movement of abolitionists and their black victims"
Albany (N.Y.) Evening Journal, (Oct. 19):
"At last we have more definite information"
Philadelphia, (Pa.) Public Ledger, (Oct. 19):
"War has been preached against the Southern institutions from pulpit and from forum."
Yorkville (S.C.) Enquirer, (Oct. 20):
"Rumors of...a serious insurrection at Harper's Ferry"
(Springfield) Illinois State Register, (Oct. 20):
"Fruits of the Lincoln-Seward Doctrine."
Albany (N.Y.) Evening Journal, (Oct. 20):
"If there is now...any wide spread conspiracy among the Slaves, Slaveholders...are its creators"
Nashville, (Tenn.), Union and American, (Oct. 21)
"The Republican party of the North is responsible for it."
Indianapolis (Ind.), Locomotive, (Oct. 22):
"The most daring attempt that has ever been recorded"
Nashville, (Tenn.), Republican Banner, (Oct. 22):
"The causes of the riot, it is impossible now to determine."
Boston (Mass.), Daily Evening Transcript, (Oct. 24)
"The panic...was not at all creditable to the people or authorities of the vicinity."
Richmond, (Va.) Enquirer, (Oct. 25):
"The Harper's Ferry Invasion as Party Capital"
Nashville, (Tenn.), Republican Banner, (Oct. 25):
"The necessity of organizing a national party...on broad national and conservative principles."
Yorkville (S.C.) Enquirer, (Oct. 27):
"No event...more startling and the Southern people"
Albany (N.Y.) Evening Journal, (Oct. 27):
"The Democratic Press and the Administration make no reply"
Natchez (MS) Courier, Oct. 28:
"they should have been tried...for high treason"
Indianapolis (Ind.), Locomotive, (Oct. 29):
"Letters have been found, implicating leading Abolitionists"
Milledgeville (Ga.), Federal Union, (Nov. 1):
"a regularly concocted, and premeditated attempt of Abolition Fanatics"
Raleigh, (N.C.), Register, (Nov. 2):
"rich and powerful men...are known to have aided and abetted in Brown's outrage"
Albany, N.Y., Evening Journal, (Dec. 1):
"Instead of being remembered as imprisoned criminals, they will be shrined as martyrs."
Mobile (AL) Register, (Dec 2):
"Rightly,...the sword of justice falls upon their heads"
Raleigh, (N.C.), Register, (Dec. 3):
"In Noo England,...mock funerals have been celebrated, and all kinds of nonsensically lugubrious displays made."