Daniel Koppelman -- Recordings

John Psathas, Piano Quintet
Arranged for Piano and Percussion by Omar Carmenates
Navona Records, 2019

Recombinant Nocturnes (Innova, 2011). Also available via iTunes and Amazon.
Music for piano and electronics by Benjamin Broening.
Performed by duo runedako (Ruth Neville and Daniel Koppelman)
Double Nocturne - for two pianos
Nocturne Fragments - for solo piano
Nachtlied (Second Nocturne) - for piano four-hands
Nocturne/Doubles - for piano and electronics
Third Nocturne - for piano and electronics
Night Falls (Nocturne Loops) - for four pianos

“Escapement,” 2-disc set: CD/DVD (Everglade Records, 2008). Also available at Amazon.
Benjamin Broening, Nocturne/Doubles, for piano and computer
William Kleinsasser, Quintuple Escapement, for MIDI controller and computer
Daniel Koppelman, digitalisman, for piano, MIDI controller and computer
Eric Lyon, Psychic Driving, for piano and computer
James Mobberley, Voices: In Memoriam, for piano and computer
Christopher Dobrian, Unnatural Selection, for Tactex MTC Express and computer
Wayne Peterson, Four Preludes for Solo Piano
Mark Applebaum, On the Nature of the Modern Age, for piano duo plus electronics

The DVD has 5.1-channel surround-sound mixes, excerpts from lectures/demonstrations, recording studio footage, and background information on the composers and their works.
The CD has edited and mastered versions of the repertoire.

With duo runedako and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Valek, cond., David Gillingham: Interplay for Piano Four-Hands and Orchestra (Master Musicians Collective, 2008).

Mark Applebaum, On the Nature of the Modern Age, for piano duo plus electronics (Innova, 2008).

Benjamin Broening, Nocturne/Doubles, for piano and computer (SEAMUS, 2004).

William Kleinsasser, Available Instruments, for piano, computer, Disklavier (C74, 2002).

Keith Kothman, Surface Inventions, for solo piano (Capstone, 2001).

“digitalisman” (Distributed by CDeMUSIC, 1999). Eight original electroacoustic compositions.

Christopher Dobrian: There’s Just One Thing You Need to Know and Unnatural Selection, for Disklavier, synthesizer, and computer (Electronic Music Foundation, 1999).


With SONOR Ensemble, Iannis Xenakis: Thallein (Neuma Records, 1995); Rand Steiger: Double Concerto (CRI, 1993).

With George Lewis, Chicago Dadagram (New World Records, 1993).

With duo runedako, “Keyboard Music by Debussy, Powell, Davies, Koppelman.”
Claude Debussy: En Blanc et Noir; Mel Powell: Setting for Two Pianos; runedako:
Simple Harmonic Motion; Paul Davies: Titanic: From the Ocean Floor; Daniel Koppelman: Re:Play (Dichter Press, 1992).