Daniel Koppelman -- Repertoire

Mark Applebaum

on the nature of the modern age, for piano duo and electronics (Written for duo runedako)

Bach, J.S.

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, arranged for piano four-hands

Samuel Barber

Souvenirs, for piano four-hands

William Bolcom

The Serpent's Kiss, for two pianos

Johannes Brahms

Variations on a Theme of Haydn, for two pianos

Benjamin Broening

Nocturne/Doubles, for piano and computer
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Nachtlied/Doubles (Second Nocturne) (2006), for soprano, tenor saxophone, piano, and computer. Commissioned by Daniel Koppelman
Nachtlied/Doubles (Second Nocturne) (2006), arranged by the composer for piano four-hands.
Nocturne Fragments (2010), for solo piano
Third Nocturne (2010), for piano and electronics
Night Falls (Nocturne Loops), for four pianos

Mario Davidovsky

Capriccio, for piano four-hands
Synchronisms #6
, for piano and tape

Paul Davies

Titanic: From the Ocean Floor, for two pianos
Cathedral, 1947, for two pianos

Claude Debussy

En Blanc et Noir, for two pianos
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Epigraphes Antiques, for piano four-hands

Christopher Dobrian

Unnatural Selection, for Tactex MTC Express and computer
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Unnatural Selection, for Disklavier, synthesizer and computer
There's Just One Thing You Need to Know, for Disklavier, synthesizer and computer. Written for Daniel Koppelman
Cycles Interrupted (2006), for soprano, tenor saxophone, piano, and computer. Commissioned by Daniel Koppelman

Antonin Dvorak

Slavonic Dances (Op. 46, #2; Op. 72, #8), for piano four-hands

Moritz Eggert

Millennium Dance, for piano four-hands

Morton Feldman

Piano Four Hands, for piano four-hands

Richard Festinger

Variations for piano
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Jean-Charles François

Over on no(w) her O, for two pianos

George Gershwin

Fantasy on Porgy and Bess, arr.by Percy Grainger, for two pianos
Rhapsody in Blue, arr. by duo runedako, for piano four-hands and orchestra
Three Preludes, arranged for piano four-hands

David Gillingham

Interplay, for piano four-hands and orchestra. Written for duo runedako

Julia Gomelskaya

Calling the Sun (Spring Ritual), for two pianos

Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Grande Tarantelle, Op. 67, for piano four-hands

Jeffrey Haas

"Gadget", from Keyed Up, for two pianos and electronic sounds

Peter Hamlin

Big Piano (2010), for piano four-hands plus electronics. Commissioned by duo runedako.

Scott Joplin, arr. D. Koppelman

Solace: A Mexican Serenade, for piano four-hands

Mark Kilstofte

Ballistic Etude 3.2 (remix), arranged for MIDI controller and computer by D. Koppelman (2011)

William Kleinsasser

Protean Profile (2005). For two pianos, computer, and interactive sampling instrument. Written for duo runedako
Innocent Proteins (2003). Chamber concerto for two pianos and ensemble. Written for duo runedako
Quintuple Escapement (2003), for MIDI controller and computer.Written for Daniel Koppelman
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Available Instruments (1998), for piano and computer.Written for Daniel Koppelman
Free Shadows (1994), for two pianos and computer. Written for duo runedako

Keith Kothman

Surface Inventions, for solo piano

Daniel Koppelman

A Multitude of Drops. Soprano, tenor saxophone, piano, and computer, 2006.
Matryoshka: Three Nested Preludes.
Piano and computer, 2005.
. MIDI controller and computer, 2004.
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Variations on a Chronic Flashback. Solo piano, 1998-99.
Reconstructing Herring. Synthesizer, computer, video projector, 1998.
Three Preludes for Processed Piano. Electronically processed acoustic piano, 1998.
digitalisman. Piano, Disklavier (computer-controlled piano), synthesizer, 1997.
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Rorondondo (1994) Piano Four-Hands, 1994
Pleasant Under Glass. Synthesizer Four-Hands, 1993.
Re:Play. MIDI sequencer triggering plucked string sample; 1992.
Simple Harmonic Motion. Interactive structured improvisation for Disklavier, synthesizer, computer, and two keyboardists; 1991.

Cort Lippe

Music for Piano and Computer

Witold Lutoslawski

Variations on a Theme of Paganini, for two pianos

Eric Lyon

Bonko Bonzo, for two pianos. Written for duo runedako
Psychic Driving, for piano and computer. Written for Daniel Koppelman
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Roscoe Mitchell

Not Yet, for alto saxophone and piano

James Mobberley

Caution to the Winds, for piano and tape
Voices: In Memoriam
, for piano and computer. Written for Daniel Koppelman
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Eric Moe

Dance of the Honey Monkey (1999), for solo piano.
Where Branched Thoughts Murmur in the Wind (2000), for solo piano.
Hot Keys (2010), for solo piano. Commissioned by Daniel Koppelman.

W. A. Mozart

Sonata in B-flat, K.358, for piano four-hands

Conlon Nancarrow

Sonatina for Piano, arranged for piano four-hands by Yvar Mikhashoff.

Henry Onderdonk

Music for Piano Duet, for piano four-hands

Wayne Peterson

Four Preludes for Solo Piano
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Russell Pinkston

TaleSpin, for Piano and Electronic Sounds

Mel Powell

Setting for Two Pianos

Francis Poulenc

Sonata, for piano four-hands
Concerto, for two pianos and orchestra

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Six Pieces, Op. 11, for piano four-hands

Maurice Ravel

Sites Auriculaires, for two pianos

Paul Rudy

Church Keys, for piano and tape
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Frederic Rzewski

Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, for two pianos

Camille Saint-Saëns

Carnival of the Animals, for two pianos and orchestra
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Erik Satie

Parade, for piano four-hands
Trois morceaux en forme de poire, for piano four-hands  

Paul Schoenfield

"Boogie" from Five Days from the Life of a Manic Depressive (1982), for piano four-hands

Daniel Schorno

KAIROS-12, for piano and electronics

Franz Schubert

Fantasia in F Minor, Op. 103, for piano four-hands

Robert Schumann

Bilder Aus Osten, Op. 66, for piano four-hands

Karmella Tsepkolenko

Mechanical Songs (1981), for two pianos