Course Descriptions
General Psychology - PSY 21

Prerequisites:  None
Offered:  Fall, Winter, and Spring
Description:  Comprehensive introduction to psychology as a behavioral science through a survey of historical, empirical, and theoretical perspectives of psychological research. Topics may include biological bases of behavior, development, learning, personality, cognition, perception, motivation, behavior disorders, and social psychology.

General Psychology Tutorial Site

This site contains demonstration for General Psychology.
(This project was supported by the Mellon Foundation in 1998.)

Experimental and Statistical Methods

Prerequisites:  Psychology 21 and a course in mathematics.
Offered:  Fall, Winter, and Spring
Description:  Introduction to the principles of experimentation, experimental design, hypothesis testing, and statistical analysis (through factorial analysis of variance). Designed to acquaint students with the experimental study of behavior; covers the basic methodological background necessary for several advanced courses. Lab work, computer analysis of data, and written reports of lab projects are integral parts of the course. (Lab fee required.)

SPSS Tutorials for an introduction to SPSS and basic statistical procedures (t-test, analysis of variance, correlation)

(This project was supported by the Mellon Foundation in 1997.)

Memory and Cognition

Prerequisites:  Psychology 21 and 22.
Offered:  Spring
Description:  Examination of the research and theories of human memory and cognition. Topics include pattern recognition, attention, encoding and retrieval processes, forgetting, knowledge representation, problem-solving, decision-making, and language. Experimental approaches to studying these topics will be discussed. Course requirements include writing a paper.

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