Iris and Lens

Inner surface of the iris (Ir) and ciliary processes (CP) of the guinea pig ciliary body. Pupil (Pu)
Lens cells or fibers.
Lens cells or fibers.
Lens cells or fibers. Ball and socket type of interdigitation denoted by arrows.


Light microscope photomicrograph of the layers of the retina. In addition to the layers identified, the external limiting (ELM) and internal limiting membrane (ILM) are denoted.
A portion of the retina (Re) which has been detached from the pigmented epithelial (PE) layer. The region contained within the rectangle is enlarged below.
Close association between the pigmented epithelial cells (PE) and rod outer segments (OS) is illustrated. The arrows denote pigmented epithelial cell microvilli.
Ciliary stalk (CS) at junction of outer rod segment (OS) and inner rod segment (IS). Tendrils (te) from Muller cells closely invest the inner segments. Thin, tongue-shaped extensions (arrows) of the inner rod segments extend for short distances along the surface of the outer segments.
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