Watson at Furman
        Watson began his studies at Furman University in 1894, at age 16.  He was a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity, although he was considered somewhat nonconformist by his professors at Furman. 
        Watson was not a particularly successful student and got some of his lowest grades in the few psychology classes that he took. 
        He is reputed to have taken a challenge of philosophy professor Gordon Moore to turn a paper in "backward" and risk flunking the course.  When Moore flunked him, Watson had to stay at Furman a fifth year. 
         Watson is the student on the far right in this picture.


          Psychology students at Furman began a Journal in 1950 and dedicated the first issue to Watson.  Watson wrote a letter to them which appeared in the Journal.  He wrote about Furman as well as Professor Moore.
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