Zen and the Art of Murmachi Painting

I. Background in China's Southern Song dynasty (1129-1276)

II. Zen as the primary conduit for Chinese art forms.

III. Key Japanese artists in the suiboku style.

A. Mokuan (mid-14th century).

Four Sleepers.


B. Josetsu (early 15th century).

Catching a Catfish with a Gourd.

C. Shubun (early 15th century).

Reading in the Bamboo Studio.

D. Bokusai (?-1492).

Portrait of Ikkyu Sojun.

E. Sesshu (1420-1506).

Winter Landscape.


Haboku (Splashed Ink) Landscape.

Hui-k'o Offering His Arm to Bodhidharma.