Biology 34: Plant Physiology
Power Point Lecture Outlines
Dr. L. K. Thompson
The Power Point Lecture Outlines used in class can be found as links below.  The chapters indicated follow those in out textbook "Introduction to Plant Physiology" by William G. Hopkins (Wiley Publishers).
 Chapter 1: Extracellular Matrix
 Chapter 10: Photosynthesis- Carbon Metabolism
Chapter 5: Roots, Soils, and Nutrient Uptake
  Chapter 20: Photoperiodism and Biological Clock
 Chapter 2: Plant Cells & Water
 Chapter 11: Translocation & Distribution of Photoassimilates
 Chapter 6: Plants and Nitrogen
 Chapter 19: Plant Movements
 Chapter 3: Ascent of Xylem Water
 Chapter 13: Carbon Assimilation & Productivity
Chapter 16: Hormones in Plant Development
 Chapter 21: Temperature
 Chapter 8: Leaves and Photosynthesis
 Chapter 4: Plants & Inorganic Nutrients
 Chapter 18: Photomorphogenesis and Phytochrome
 Chapter 22: Plant Responses to Stress