Plants and Inorganic Nutrients

Goals and Objectives

  1. Be able to describe, in a very general way, how mineral nutrition is studied in plants.
  2. Be able to list the criteria for determining if a mineral nutrient is essential to plant nutrition.
  3. Be able to list the macro- and micro- nutrients that are essential to higher plants.
  4. Be able to describe how and where each essential mineral element is used in a higher plant.
  5. Be able to list the four beneficial elements found in some higher plants, and be able to explain why they are beneficial.
  6. Be able to describe what happens if micronutrients are available to a plant  in too high a concentration.

Study Questions
  1. Describe what contribution Sachs (1860) made for the study of plant nutrition.
  2. Describe what is done in hydroponics.  What problems can arise when doing hydroponic culture?
  3. How does one determine if an element is essential?
  4. List the macronutrients.  List the micronutrients.
  5. (Jump to page 67)  For each macro- and micro- nutrient list its major function a plant,  how it readily it is transported within the plant, and how it would lead to the most observed deficiency symptoms.
  6. (Go back to pages 66-67)  List the four beneficial element s and how they indirectly affect some plants.
  7. Describe how the micronutrients can be toxic to plant once they have reached their critical toxicity levels in a plant.