Four Postcards to Betsy

Four Postcards to Betsy was composed in 1986 for clarinetist Elizabeth Campeau. Cast in a series of four brief, contrasting movements, the piece exploits the extreme technical and expressive capabilities of the clarinet in an attempt to create aural images of those fleeting thoughts so often captured on picture-postcards.

The work is unified by the recurrence of two pitch pairs, namely Bb-C and B-Eb (referring to Betsy Campeau and her husband, Hank Smith), which are heard in various combinations and registral configurations throughout, usually as the opening and/or closing material of each movement.

Despite the fact that Postcards... is written for unaccompanied clarinet, its conception is as much vertical/harmonic as it is linear/melodic. Polyphonic melody abounds in the second and third movements, but implied harmonic shifts occur in the outer movements as well, even the scales of the fourth.

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