Introductions, Conclusions and Titles

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Help With Introductions

The Introduction to your paper is very important, it gets your reader's attention, convinces your reader that your paper is worth reading, sets the tone for the rest of the paper and adequately introduces your topic to your reader.

Although introductions can be written in many different ways, here are some guidelines to follow:
  1. The Structure of Your Introductory Paragraph

  2. Things to Remember When Writing Your Introductory Paragraph

Remember when writing an introductory paragraph that you must engage your reader's attention, set the tone for the paper, and provide a "map" for the rest of the paper. The introduction is very important because it gives the reader a first impression.

Help With Conclusions

The Conclusion to your paper is equally as important as your introduction because after your points have been introduced and explained, your conclusion ties all of the information together that you have presented to your reader. The conclusion provides the reader with insight into why you wrote about your subject and the larger implications that it has outside of your work.

Conclusions, like introductions can be written in many different ways, but here are some points to remember about conclusions:
  1. The Structure of Your Conclusion

  2. Some Things to Remember About Conclusions

Help With Titles

Titles can be hard to write because you want to find one that is 'just right' for your paper. It is the title of your paper that will first attract your reader's attention and therefore it must be catchy, and relevant to the topic of your paper.

Here are helpful tips to remember when writing your title: