The items below consist of web sites that help take the technical out of technology for busy teachers.  In some cases, useful online tutorials are given to help teachers learn "how to."  But in most cases, the web sites listed below enable teachers to do something automatically that would otherwise require intervention on the part of a server administrator, knowledge of advanced web techniques (such as JavaScript, Perl, cgi bins, etc.), or use of technical skills beyond the realm of the average teacher who is trying to integrate technology into the curriculum without retraining to become a certified Microsoft engineer!  Teachers can wow their students and create marvelous online activities with very little technical knowledge using the sites below.

These sites have been divided into three levels:  beginning, intermediate and advanced.  The levels do not refer to the language ability of the students, they refer to the level of computer skills acquired by the instructor!  The sites listed for beginners assume that teachers are new to the internet, are just learning about web browsers, and would perhaps like to make their first web page.  The intermediate level assumes that teachers are already familiar with surfing the web, have a very basic web page and would like to spruce it up with some extra goodies such as counters, guestbooks, etc. and add some online interactive activities for their students.  Finally, the advanced level assumes that teachers have a fairly well-developed web site and have learned at least the basics of HTML code.  Most of the web sites listed for the advanced level involve the use of JavaScript without really having to learn JavaScript.

All of the sites listed were developed with teachers, not techies, in mind.  If you have a "techie" bent, there are other far more sophisticated websites for you.  My goal on these pages is to SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY, SIMPLIFY for enthusiastic teachers, not techies who tend to complicate matters endlessly!  As I worked on this list, it grew like Topsy, so it has been divided into three separate pages, one for each level.  Where would you like to begin?


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