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Bio 344

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NdinguDr. Perry.  Utitshala wahko.  Ngubani igama lahko?
Nifuna ukufunda ukuthetha isiXhosa kancinci?

    African Ecology demonstrates the fundamental principles of ecology within the context of the South African environment. Students will be exposed to a variety of habitats and vegetation types, such as thorn scrub, succulent thicket and coastal fynbos, one of the rarest vegetation types in the world.  In addition,students will have the opportunity to observe and study a diversity of African wildlife including the African megafauna: elephant, hippo, rhino, buffalo and lion.   Field demonstrations will complement topics covered in lectures. Further, students will gain hands on experience conducting field studies with both plants and animals. South African social and political history is critical to understanding the current state of the natural environment as well as the pressing conservation concerns that we will see.  "Mandela: The Authorized Biography" and "The Myth of Wild Africa" are required readings for the class.

African Ecology (4 credits) fulfills the ecology requirement for the biology major as well as the Humans and the Natural Environment general education requirement.

Addo Elephant National Park,                                                South Africa Keenan                                           Adams speaks with Wellington