Conservation Biology Links

Biodiversity and Worldmap
Biodiversity Hotspots
Society for Conservation Biology

EDC News (Environment and Development Challenges)
Earth Policy Institute
Highly recommended
Steve Hackett's Internet Resources for Economists
(...and those with a special interest in environmental, natural resources, and ecological economics)

Ecosystem Management
Ecosystem Management Glossary (US Forest Service)
Commission on Ecosystem Management (IUCN)
University of Michigan Ecosystem Management Program

Endangered Species
USFWS List of Threatened and Endangered Species
Information on endangered and threatened species and ecosystems in the U.S. and Canada

Environmental Organizations
Audubon Society
The Nature Conservancy
Sierra Club
World Wildlife Fund

Walhalla Fish Hatchery
National Marine Fisheries Service (in NOAA)

United States Forest Service
Cradle of Forestry
Tree Identification from Virginia Department of Forestry

U.S. Forest Service Rangelands
Waste of the West
An extremely critical view of arid public lands grazing
Wildlife Services
A controversial agency charged with protecting human welfare and economic interests from wildlife damage.  
Predator control practices are the most controversial.

International Conservation
Conservation International

World Conservation Union
“IUCN builds bridges between governments and NGOs, science and society, local action
and global policy. It is truly a world force for environmental governance.”
Achim Steiner, IUCN Director General

Jobs Internships Research
Conservation Jobs
Environmental Jobs of All Sorts!
All Government Jobs! (USAJOBS)

Wildlife Related Laws


New York Times:  Bush administration and public lands resource use (14 Sept., 2004)
Environmental Media Services

Politics and Policy
League of Conservation Voters

Natural Resources Defense Council
Republicans for Environmental Protection

South Carolina Resources
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
South Carolina Forestry Commission

Lots of resources for the sustainability major