2004 Pictures

October 1-3 Field Trip to Pisgah National Forest

Yancey and Adrienne destroy our nations resources with fanatical zeal
Class on top of Shining Rock in Shining Rock Wilderness
View looking west across Shining Rock Wilderness
View Looking North from near Shining Rock
Axe throwin' for sport and fun
Katie and Amber do their part for wanton destruction
Hurricanes cause many tree falls - setting back successional clock
Trecherous river crossing
Fearless crew begins the short easy hike
Shell-shocked crew returns to van
Fern glade was worth it
Acid rain and spruce trees don't mix
Beautiful vegetation ironic result of destructive logging and consequential catastrophic fires
Dinner time in camp (North Mills River Campground)
Fish Fry
Watchin' Fish Fry
Fish Truck
Ridin' on the fish truck
A monument to the shirtless fishermen of North Carolina to whom we owe so much