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A Magic Collection Miscellanea

15 Custom WeeMagicBooks
by Rhett Bryson


Rhett Bryson has produced an edition of very special custom WeeMagicBooks. Each is an eight page, full-color book on a particular subject related to magic props and magic collecting (see the title list for the wonderful range of subjects covered by these books.) The edition is available ONLY as a set and ONLY from the author. It is limited to 50 signed and numbered sets. The books come with a custom designed and handmade WeeBook Miscellanea Holder®.

Each book is printed on 28 lb. enhanced brightness acid-free paper. The complete set is handmade and takes over 25 minutes to assemble.

The books can be used as an aid to identification for esoteric magic collectables or enjoyed on their own as quirky collections of fascinating magic material. Where else could you find brilliant color depictions of: over 65 Mickey Mouse Magicians, 26 fascinating magic automata, 8 rip-offs of the Koornwinder Kar, 18 variations of the card duck, 21 historic finger choppers (including the ORIGINAL model), 2 magic quizzes and much MORE!

Titles in the Magic Collection Miscellanea Series

Mickey Mouse the Magician, Volume 1
Mickey Mouse the Magician, Volume 2
Wee Wizards - Automata Magic Toys
Salt & Pepper Sets With A Magic Theme
Magic Figures (Dustcatchers)
Valda the Great Magician
Card Ducks - A Guide to Some Variations
Drop Out
The Finger Chopper
Kornwinder Kar - Some of the Many Rip-offs
A Magic What-Iz-It?
Magic Table Bases
Magic Set Graphics
Kellar's Wonder Book
Imps Whispering to Magicians on Magic Posters


The SAD news is that the ENTIRE limited edition of these books have sold out. Sets are no longer available as a completely bound, numbered and seigned edition with custom carrying case.

I have CONSIDERED offering the books as flat sheets of  colored printed pages - with covers and instructions on how to fold them into the wee book forma, slit and staple them together to make the books. I would obviously offer these at a somewhat lower price than I did the limited edition assembled set - but the good news is more people would be able to enjoy the material (which is, if I don't say so myself, pretty nifty!) 

If this idea interests you, please drop me an eMail and if I get enough takers on the idea, I may put together these packages for sale.
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