Butterflies and Moths of Southern Vancouver Island--Jeremy B. Tatum



Phlogophora periculosa


This splendid moth is noteworthy not only for its boldly-marked wing pattern, but for the interesting way is which it can fold its wings into pleats, looking very much like a dead leaf. The caterpillar is relatively undistinguished in appearance. Probably a variety of low-growing herbaceous plants are its usual fare, although I have found and reared it on such diverse plants as Western Hemlock Tsuga heterophylla, Red Alder Alnus rubra and Hairy Cat's-ear Hypochaeris radicata. I have found the young caterpillar in February, and we might assume that winter is normally spent in this state. However, it may be similar to the related European Angle Shades Moth P. meticulosa, which has two overlapping generations in a year. One overwinters as a caterpillar, the other as an adult moth.

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