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Definition of function, domains
Compositions and translations
Types of functions (catalogue)
Mathematical Modeling
Basic graphs, lines, circles and parabolas
Basic trigonometry
Introduction to limits (intuitive approach)
Epsilon and delta definition of limits
Computing limits
Difference quotients and limits of difference quotients
Definition of derivative, differentiability
Basic differentiation rules
Chain rule
Derivatives of trigonometric functions
Derivative as a rate of change
Implicit differentiation
Related rates
Higher derivatives
Newton's Method
Definition of maximum and minimum, critical numbers
Monotonicity and concavity
The mean value theorem
First and second derivative tests
Limits involving infinity
Curve Sketching
Applied Extremal Problems
Economic Applications of the Derivative
Sums and Summation Notation
Areas via Sums
Definition of the Definite Integral
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Part I - Evaluating a definite integral using an antiderivative)
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Part II - The derivative of the integral from a to x of f(t) dt is f(x).)
Indefinite Integral Computations
Average Value and Properties of Integrals
Indefinite Integrals via Substitution
Definite Integrals via Substitution
Numerical Integration
Areas Between Curves
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