Daniel Koppelman -- Escapement

"Engaging, intelligent, and unpretentious" -- Keyboard Magazine

Escapement, my 2-disc set (CD plus DVD) of music for piano and electronics
has been released by Everglade in a new multi-channel format. It is also available at Amazon.

The original version of escapement:

cover art by Chris Cantrell 

"Escapement" documented some of the the work I did during my sabbatical in 2003. The DVD has videos of live concert performances, excerpts from lectures/demonstrations (about my work with the Tactex MTC Express touchpad and Oxygen 8 controllers, as well as some background on performing with technology), recording studio footage, information on the composers and their works, and bonus tracks including alternate versions of some of the improvised pieces. The CD has edited and mastered versions of the repertoire. Here's a look at a couple of the DVD menus:

"Escapement" repertoire:
Benjamin Broening, Nocturne/Doubles, for piano and computer
William Kleinsasser, Quintuple Escapement, for MIDI controller and computer
Daniel Koppelman, digitalisman, for piano, MIDI controller and computer
Eric Lyon, Psychic Driving, for piano and computer
James Mobberley, Voices: In Memoriam, for piano and computer
Christopher Dobrian, Unnatural Selection, for Tactex MTC Express and computer
Wayne Peterson, Four Preludes for Solo Piano