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History of the English Language Website (Dan Mosser)

Studying Phonetics on the Net (George L. Dillon)

See especially the section on American English vowels
The Language and Linguistics section of the Geoffrey Chaucer Website (Harvard U)

International Phonetic Alphabet (The International Phonetic Association)

A Simplified History of the Phonemes of English (Bill Rogers)


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This website was created by Melinda J. Menzer, assistant professor in the English Department at Furman University, and Andrea S. Bean, an English major graduating in the spring of 2001. The project was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of the Furman and Wofford Joint Andrew W. Mellon Project In Information Technology.  We would like to thank Geoff Mazeroff for creating the applet and Bill Rogers for participating in the dialogues.

Andrea Bean presented the website at the Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society) International Convention in March 2001.

Melinda Menzer presented the website in the History of the English Language session, sponsored by the Carolina Association for Medieval Studies, at the 36th International Congress on Medieval Studies at the Medieval Institute in May 2001. 

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